Family Advent Devotion (Free Printable)

Family Advent Devotion (Free Printable)-Muscadine Press



Advent is a time of holy expectation. Of waiting. Of preparation for the coming of the Christ child. In fact, the word advent literally means coming. And so it is that for four Sundays before Christmas, we prepare our hearts for the season by recounting and remembering both the prophecies that foretold of Christ’s coming and the gospel stories of his birth.

Traditionally, each week focuses on one of the different gifts that Jesus’ arrival brought us: the gifts of hope, peace, joy, and love. This guide is meant to be a simple tool to help focus your heart and mind’s attention on the things that matter most this season. As your family gathers around the Advent wreath each week, use the prompts to lead you through a simple devotion together. 


Traditional Advent Wreath Candle Devotional Guide

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