Everyone Needs a Hype Squad

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Earlier this week, I picked up our oldest daughter from tryouts for the middle school volleyball team. As she and her friend came out of the gym, they were tripping all over each other to tell us how well the other had performed. They were each other's own personal hype squad, and it was sweet to see them lift each other up with such enthusiasm.
It made me start thinking about how far a simple word of encouragement can go. It has the power not just to lift a spirit in the short term but also to change a life over time. 
Everyone needs a personal hype squad, people who are in their corner cheering them on in good times and bad. As believers, we're called to encourage those in our circles who are rocking life and those who are struggling along (1 Thessalonians 5:11). All it takes is paying attention, coming alongside, and saying something when you get the chance to speak life and truth over someone.
Today, I'm taking a cue from our middle schooler and making a point to encourage a few friends who have been on my heart lately. I've been meaning to do it for a while, but today is the day that it's finally getting done. 
What about you? Who can you encourage today? Go ahead and send that text, make that phone call, or write that note. Tell someone that they're seen, known, and loved. Give a pat on the back or offer a shoulder to cry on. Share a bit of joy and remind them of truth. Who knows what kind of difference it will make?
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