How Quickly Things Change

How Quickly Things Change-Muscadine Press

This world is a crazy place, y'all. A week ago, we were washing clothes and packing up for a spring break road trip. Now, we're back home with an empty fridge (but plenty of toilet paper) thinking about how quickly things can change.

I don't have any deep wisdom to share today, but as I work to settle back in to normal life after nearly a week away from home in a world that's held captive by a global pandemic, I'm counting my blessings, trying to act with as much wisdom as possible, and setting my mind on things above. Because things below aren't looking too hot right now.

This is what I know. God is sovereign, even over this, and he is at work, even now. He is not defined by our current circumstances. He is good, always. He is right, always. He is kind, always. He is true, always. And he is present with us in the midst of hardship and trouble and anxiety. Always. I don't know what lies ahead, but he does, and I trust him.

There are plenty of people who are far wiser than me sharing lots of truth and reminders for us who believe, but this ministry exists to encourage the people of God to choose faithfulness day in and day out. Even when the days are long. Even when the days are hard. Even when the future is uncertain.

So let's be faithful, in ways both big and small. Count blessings. Give thanks. Act wisely. Love others. Trust God.

It's the least—and most—we can do.

🍋 Leslie Ann

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