Morning by Morning in 2020

Morning by Morning in 2020-Muscadine Press

Hi Friend!

How in the world are you? I never meant to go so long without checking in, but between all the holiday markets on the calendar, keeping up with our daughters' activities, making and delivering Christmas treats to friends and neighbors, and all the gift shopping and celebrating, life was a bit busier than I intended last month.

I desperately needed to slow down and take a break. So that's exactly what I've done. Over the past couple of weeks, I've spent time with family, finished reading four books just for fun, caught up with my oldest friend, slept in and stayed in my pajamas, and held another friend's sweet newborn daughter, all the while marveling at the goodness of God.

It's been glorious. The best possible ending for 2019, and now, finally, I feel like I'm ready for 2020.

I'm not usually one for big resolutions, but I do love a fresh start, so I'm beginning 2020 in the same way that I started 2019, with a return to the basics of the faith morning by morning. Lingering longer over scripture, spending more time in prayer, and enjoying the fellowship of our church. If you, like me, need to return to the basics, this blog series on spiritual disciplines from last year might be a good place start.

As far as the shop is concerned, I'm working hard to get the 2020 collection ready for you. New journals are on the way as we speak (eek!), and I've got a couple of surprises in store as well. I'm dying to show it to you, but it's not quite time for that yet. The collection will be available for our retail partners in the next few weeks and in the online shop sometime in February (exact date TBD). But don't worry! Later this month, I'll start showing you a few sneak peeks of the good things to come. Be sure you're following us on social media so you don't miss out!

Until then, know that I'm grateful for you, and I'm praying that the Lord would cultivate faithfulness in each of our hearts as we ring in the new year and make space for the things that matter most.

— Leslie Ann

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