The Giver is Good

The Giver is Good-Muscadine Press

On Thursdays, I usually make a quick dash to the store while our girls are at their piano lessons. It might sound crazy, but that one hour alone to run errands is a big blessing in my life. For so many reasons.

I’m thankful that the girls are happily occupied doing something they love with the sweetest piano teacher on earth.

I’m grateful for the little local store that’s easy to dash in and out of and has ice cream on sale on the regular.

And I’m also very, very glad that the shelves in the store don’t look like they did back in March. Because let’s be honest: that was horrible.

I don’t want to take these little things for granted. Of course I’m grateful for the big things. Salvation. The grace of God. Forgiveness of sin and the promise of heaven. But the little things matter too. Everyday moments and simple pleasures are also gifts.

And I’m thankful for them, because they remind me that the Giver is good.

💕 Leslie Ann⠀⠀⠀

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