The Simple Rhythm that Gives Me Peace

The Simple Rhythm that Gives Me Peace-Muscadine Press


Now that summer has arrived, our mornings are moving at a slower pace than they do during the school year, and I'm taking my Bible and coffee out to the patio more often than not. With both girls home with me, it's honestly the quietest place I can find to grab a few minutes alone before the day really gets going.

I breathe deep, sip my coffee, pray out loud, and linger over my Bible. Some days I even take a book outside and read for a while before I come in. It may not sound like much, but it holds me steady during these summer days.

It's easy to taste and see the goodness of God out there on my back porch every morning. After a spring that was far busier than I expected or planned for, believe me when I say that I'm appreciating the gift of slowing down for a while.

What's holding you steady these days?

If you're feeling frazzled or just done in by the chaos of life, figure out what you need to do to find a bit of peace (even if it's just for five minutes at a time). Return to the Lord, who restoreth your soul, and let him have his way with you, one day and one moment at a time.

There's no true peace apart from him. If you're desperate for a moment of peace, turn to Jesus. You'll find it with him.

🙌🏻 Leslie Ann


He restores my soul. Free phone background from Muscadine Press.

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