A Word for the Worn and Weary

A Word for the Worn and Weary-Muscadine Press

Hi friend. How are are you? If you're feeling worn down and weary from all the things, know that you're not alone. This world is too much to bear in a normal year, much less in a year like this one.

If it all seems like too much, that's because it is. We weren't meant to carry the weight of all the world's problems on our shoulders.

But Jesus was made to bear it, and so he has.

The problem for those of us who believe, is that we live in the tension of the already but not yet. Jesus has already come to rescue us from this brokenness, but he has not yet come back to bring us home.

It's as good as done, but it's not done yet.

And so we wait, in this broken world, for the fulfillment of the hope that anchors our soul. Take heart, sister friend, and hold on tight to this truth: Better days are coming. If it's not good, it's not the end.

You can count on it.

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