Let Your Light Shine

Let Your Light Shine-Muscadine Press

Last month when I wrote, we were just a couple of weeks into this strange new world that we find ourselves living in today. As the days and weeks have gone by, much has changed. Life today doesn't look the same as it did last week, much less before. 

For many of us, the shock is starting to wear off, and we're just doing the best we can with the life that God has given us. Some of you have undoubtedly weathered the worst of this storm, while others of you have had it relatively easy. Either way,  I want you to know that you've been continually on my mind and in my prayers over the past several weeks.

It's my joy and privilege to be an encourager during these days. To point to truth and remind you (and me too) that the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it, even if the darkness seems especially thick right now.

Much remains unknown, but the things that are knowable are worth holding on to. God is good, and his promises are true. He is a stronghold in the day of trouble, a sure defense and a safe place to run. He upholds and strengthens his people and is present with us day in and day out. In his presence, there is fullness of joy, and at his right hand are pleasures forevermore.

Amen and amen.

As these days drag on, let's decide to be encouragers and bearers of hope in a world run ragged. Who do you know that needs a lift? Check on them. Send them a note. Give them a call. Hold out truth and hope and let them know that they're not alone, nor are they forgotten. Show them the love of Jesus, and let your light shine.

It's what we were created to do.

—Leslie Ann

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