The Dwell Journal Method

The Dwell Journal Method-Muscadine Press
Do you feel lost when you sit down to read your Bible? Like you know you should read it but have no idea what to do after you check off the daily reading? That's why we created the Dwell Journal. We use a simple threefold approach to help you work your way through your time in the word.⁣

1. Read the Word. Your journal is meant to be a companion to your daily Bible reading. First, read the scripture and jot down some notes, your initial impressions of the passage, or a verse that stood out.⁣

2. Reflect on Truth. Take some time to dwell on what you read. What does the passage reveal about God's character? And how does what you're learning about God affect your life?⁣

3. Respond in Prayer. In light of what you've read and reflected on, spend some time in prayer. Thank God for his word. Ask him to impress it on your heart and change you from the inside out. Commit to change. Express your gratitude. ⁣

And that's it. The method is a simple but effective way for you to read, reflect, and respond to the Word. It's not overwhelming or complicated, but it works.⁣

Do you have a quiet time routine? What works for you when you sit down with your Bible?⁣
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