Trust in the Lord

Trust in the Lord-Muscadine Press
Raise your hand if this sounds familiar. 🙋 Your world is falling apart. Everything that could go wrong has. You lost your job. You got a bad diagnosis. You received gut-wrenching news.⁠

You don't understand how...or why...any of this could have happened. But it happened anyway, and you're left picking up the pieces.⁠

You have a choice. You can let the despair and the darkness overwhelm and convince you that there is no way out, or you can hold on to hope and trust that the Lord is able to call forth light in the darkest of places. Even this one.⁠

God is not defined by our circumstances. He is good. No matter what you're facing, if you belong to Him, you can rest in that truth. He is good. He is with you. And he'll lead you out of even this, one step at a time.⁠
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